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5 Simple Ways Restyling Your Shirt

Showing off your creativity in sewing is definitely going to help you in moving forward each day and you will also enjoy preparing for each project you make. Today let me show you one of the most amazing and fun projects - restyling old shirts - which you are able to prepare with your kids to attract them towards DIY sewing. Now let’s check out 6 simple ways to restyle your shirts.


This method takes a very small amount of sewing time if you use the best beginner sewing machine. Here is how you do it:

First, take a plain white shirt. Second, cut a wide strap from its back. Third, take a plain white t-shirt and cut a wide strap from the back. Finally, sew bows and attach them to the shirt (Note: the bows must act as a bridge connecting shirts from one corner to another). This style will absolutely look cool and you’ll get lots of compliments from others.

2. Heart Pattern:

Renewing your shirts with a heart pattern is a great simple idea that you should try, especially when you get bored and lazy at sewing it might boost your mood up.

First, prepare a heart pattern or stencil. Second, use sewing chalk to draw a heart on the t-shirt.

Third, cut the strips of the heart in the t-shirt.

You can do this in so many t-shirts and this is going to be your favorite DIY time somehow.

3. Flattering design:

V-necks look dull sometimes and we always all want to wear unique things. So what you should really do to renew the V-neck? In this case, a flattering design is a good choice since it is too easy to prepare and you can make it by using the Image best sewing machine for beginners, which will help you a lot.

First, cut the V-neck deeply. Then, prepare the straps of the same t-shirts. Now add those straps into the V-neck like a ladder and your shirt is ready to wear. These basic straps are easy to add up and you can renew any of your V-neck shirts like these from the front and from the back as well.

4. Geometric Design:

Another design you can learn from is geometric. If you’ve decided to do this trick, you’re supposed to know exactly how to cut each piece in a folding design. In case you are not confident in cutting skills, it’s advisable to choose stencils that are available in the marketplace.

First of all, take any plain shirt from your wardrobe and place the stencil at the back of the shirt. Then, trace the pattern by using fabric chalk or marker. Once you are done with the pattern, next you should remove the stencil. After that, start cutting the whole design on the shirt. Plus, you can also give a little touch of design on the neck side to make it unique. Ta-da, it’s finished!

5. Restyling Collar:

Most of my shirts were lame because they are all basic and formal styles. Fortunately, I figured out a way to make them rock. And I gotta be honest with you, jewelry is my life-saver when it comes to renewing my boring shirts. This is how I did it:

1. Prepare some chokers with long beads.

2. Cut the neck from the middle.

3. Connect each bead with the upper and lower part of the neck to reconnect.

Believe me, this style will look so trendy and stylish that it surely draws people’s attention.

I hope that by going through my article, you will get useful information about how to restyle your shirt as well as have the relevant knowledge to pick the best sewing machine for beginners Изображение that is suitable for you. Have a nice day!

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