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How to create a cause and effect based argument and thesis statement

Stuck in a cause and effect essay and have no clue how to build the argument? The cause and effect essay demands the writer to conduct extensive research and then compose the essay to aware the audience of the important issues. Not only that this type of essay demands a wide research skill set but also requires a student to ensure every aspect is discussed in depth "essay writer". The purpose of educating the audience must be fulfilled with this essay. The most essential elements is the argument and the thesis statement presented in this type of essay. You must know how to create these elements, to begin with, the essay. But even if you don't, you do not have to worry then here is a complete guide for you for both of these elements.

Creating a cause and effect based argument

Let’s first start with learning to create the argument for the essay as the thesis is also dependant on it. Here are some guidelines to show the important components and things to consider when composing the argument. 

Understand the situation

Before you begin to work on the argument, understand the given situation. The situation here means the prompt of the essay which may be assigned by your instructor or decided by you. Read the prompt and understand the subjects, purpose i.e. illustrating the causes and effects of the topic, medium, audience, and the context of the essay. So consider the problem which you chose to address and all these elements in your mind when building the argument. 

Build an understanding

After you choose the topic and understood all the elements completely, then you should start to build your own understanding of the topic. Learn about all the causes and effects of the topic through unbiased research. This will definitely require some preliminary research regarding the essay. Start to include the causes and effects of the outline as you conduct the research. Some of them will be interlinked and they must be positioned in the essay in an organized manner. 

Form a claim

You will present your argument in the form of one or more claims which will all support your thesis. Now as you know that all these three are interlinked, keep them all in mind when you start the research. How to form a Cause and Effect Essay? Well, it is not difficult. You have to write one statement regarding the position along with the main reason for it. One tip is that if you have more than one claim in your essay then make a new paragraph for each. 

Gather evidence and supporting material

For any topic, there will be several primary, secondary, and tertiary sources to help you research the topic in-depth. Even though this is not an analysis essay, but you are required to analyze the different causes and effects of the topic for your understanding. After you have formed the claim, you should gather all the evidence and supporting material that will ensure that your claim holds up. 

Look for the objections

You have to search for the viewpoints based on the argument. While you understand the points supporting your claims, also think why some people support the opposing positions. This will help you understand the major problems with your argument which might not be obvious otherwise. Use these reasons to research more and then strengthen your argument. This is especially necessary because it is quite possible that there will be some readers who might not agree with you initially but you can convince them by addressing the conflict and giving them logical reasoning.

Pen down your argument

Now at this point, you have composed your claim and gathered the evidence. Use these both to argue for your stance persuasively. Make sure that your argument appeals to the needs of the audience and address if there are any key objections. 

Validate the main point

This is the last step that might only be found in the essay of an expert Essay Writer as they understand its significance. End the argument by connecting the claim to the real-life scenarios as well as the future.

Creating a Thesis statement for cause and effect essay

It will become a lot easier for you to compose the thesis statement after you have composed the argument "essay writing service". The thesis statement of this type of essay will tell the audience if the essay presented to them will focus on the causes or effects primarily or both of them. You may not or may not use the words ‘cause’ and ‘effect’. The best and simple strategy is to include four components while the fourth is optional. These components are topic, cause, effect, and a proposed solution. Make it concise and simple so that the reader understands it completely as soon as they read it. 

Now with these guidelines, you can start working on the argument and the thesis statement. Remember that as much effort as you put into composing the argument and the thesis statement, it will reflect in the quality of the essay. If you are not sure about any of these, then relax a bit and take your time to compose this. Do not rush writing them or else the whole impression of the essay will fall flat. Another good idea is to go through some good examples of causes and effects on similar topics. They will build your understandings and give you some unique ideas.

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